The Alliance for Passenger Connectivity

The Alliance for Passenger Connectivity (APC) is a coalition of companies dedicated to enabling passengers and crew on board aircraft to stay connected while in flight.  The Alliance recognizes that travelers increasingly want the same availability of communications technologies they enjoy on the ground to travel with them to the skies.  We build, integrate, and offer tested connectivity solutions – so business travelers can remain productive, families and friends can remain in touch, and airlines can operate safely with today’s consumer-demanded technologies.

The purpose of the APC is to facilitate dialogue among its members and convey information to stakeholders, including regulators and the travelling public, regarding the benefits of passenger connectivity and legal and regulatory measures that facilitate access to it. 

The Alliance will also serve as a collective voice for its members in response to public consultations, promoting the development of national and international regulatory regimes that facilitate passenger connectivity.  We also serve to aid regulators in understanding existing regional and international precedent for facilitating introduction of passenger connectivity solutions.